I am maintaining a site that I did not build. It was discovered that some 300 nodes of type "custom" had incorrect url aliases. There are a total of 7961 nodes of type "custom" in the site at this moment.

$ drush sql-query "SELECT COUNT(nid) FROM node WHERE type LIKE 'custom';"

I have found the list of solr drush commands, and I see that solr-delete-index is able to remove a specific content type and then solr-mark-all could be used to indicate they should all be reindexed. My question is, how can I reindex only the 300 bad ones on this live site. I do have their nids in a separate csv file already, made from a custom sql query.

Just to be clear:

  • the site is live and important it stays that way
  • there is only a small portion of the content type that needs reindexed
  • I have all the permissions and access, no need to ask if I can get somewhere. Assume I can.
  • I have the means to identify the nodes to reindex and pipe them to various things and languages. I would even xargs a custom drush script if you have a means for doing this to a single node.
  • I have used "drush solr-mark-all node:custom_page" and then "drush solr-index" to process all 7961 nodes because it was available with the solr module. However, I am still interested in a better answer to this question. I will accept Clive's if there are no better ones this week. Commented Dec 28, 2015 at 18:45

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In case you don't find a better way (doesn't look like there's an existing Drush command), here's a pretty simple solution cobbled together from various functions in the module:

$solr = apachesolr_get_solr();
$nids = array(1, 2, 3, 4, ...);
foreach ($nids as $nid) {
    ->condition('nid', $nid)
    ->fields(array('changed' => REQUEST_TIME, 'status' => 1))

Untested, use with caution!

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