I'm using the field_collection module. A collection has a "custom field" I've created, which rely on a jQuery plugin. When I add another item in my collection, the jQuery plugin is no more invoked, and the field doesn't work anymore.

At the first load, all is working, it's only after adding a new item.

I don't know how to invoke the jQuery plugin initialization, there is probably something with the ajax command "field_add_more_js", but I can't figure out which hook or which solution I can use :(

Do you have any idea ? many thanks

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Actually, it was quite simple... I use Drupal.behaviors to attach my jQuery plugin initialization to the form, and it's now called on ajax callback as well, when a part of the form is updated by this ajax call. So it's fixed !

The drupal documentation helped me, and the Lullabot article as well !

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