I'm trying to set an automated approach to do the following:

  • Customer signs up for a 30-day trial. Enters CC#, but is not charged for 30-days until free trial converts.
  • CC# is verified (but not charged) on initial registration.
  • CC# is NOT stored in cleartext in my database (need PCI compliance).
  • IF account is active (i.e. I don't manually delete account), the account will automatically recur a monthly transaction every 30-days .

I have Aegir and store Admin set up with Authorize.net. I just signed up for Auth.net ARB, but I'm unsure how I set this up to accomplish what I'm describing above. As you can see in the screenshot below, I can manually charge the CC through the Admin interface, but that would imply that I would need to go in and charge the CC# in 30-days, and then manually every 30days thereafter.... That will become unmanageable quickly... As I said, I signed up for Auth.net's ARB, but the documentation on setting this up with Drupal is pretty poor. http://screencast.com/t/kB0xixRAerIo

Secondly, and perhaps a bigger problem with Drupal, is the fact that as the admin, I can see the customer's full CC# right there in cleartext when I click "view card details". Yikes. There must be a big mistake in all this, but don't know where. http://screencast.com/t/Kj46n17spnRq

Should I sign up for Auth.net's CIM to capture/store/hold customer's CC# throughout free-trial period, and then charge and and convert to ARB for automated monthly charges? If so, I'm stumped on how to set this up.

And... lastly the primary issue I have is that orders are being rejected due to no Bill-to address being populated with Auth.net. The order page shows no bill-to data was recorded, but when I look at the registration side, I can see that the bill-to address info was indeed captured. There seems to be some missing link where the bill-to address data recorded at registration is not being passed through to Auth.net (but CC# and name is being passed through). So it's the missing Bill-to data that is causing the rejection on Auth.net side. Any thoughts on why this address data is not being populated on Auth.net's side?

Thoughts/leads? we have a couple SyAd guys stumped on this. Thanks!

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While this question is now 6 years old, the way to go about this nowadays is via Aegir Site Subscriptions, which isn't quite ready yet, but is on the way. So far, there's code for Recurly, but no other recurring billers.

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