Some nodes (from two different CTs) have been deleted accidentally and there is no way to restore them.

The question: is it possible to retrieve and import these very specific deleted nodes from our backups without making a full database restore, and having the reassembled nodes back to the UI, is there any method/technique that will work ?

One of our CTs consists of many many fields (~80) of any possible type image, link, entity/taxonomy reference, integer, text, file and Boolean.

I have already looked at the Node export but it depends on the uuid module and I don't have that installed.

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We had this same problem on one of our sites and the best solution we could come up with was to use Node Export as you mentioned. Like you, we didn't have it or UUID installed at that time, but we installed them just for this purpose, and it worked fine.

The only catch is you need to be able to load the backed-up database into a functioning site (we did it on our test server) before you can export the missing nodes.

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