I am using some Google fonts via the Font-your-face module on my D7 website as well as CKEditor for content editing. To achieve full wysiwyg effect I would like to display the text in editor with these Google fonts. However I can't find the way to to this.

Should I give a try to the appropriate CKEditor plugin or is there a way to solve this on Drupal level? Any ideas?

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This looks like a long awaited and unanswered issue - https://www.drupal.org/node/1234030 - however I have found a page that describes how you can manually updated your CKEditor fonts list.


I think this seems a bit too much, you would think that there would be a better system in place to support more fonts dynamically. There are apparently some hooks with the WYSIWYG module and Font Your Face - however as far as my knowledge goes CKEditor works better on it's own than as a part of WYSIWYG.

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