I have contributed a module for Drupal 7; now I am interested in contributing the Drupal 8 version of the same module.

When I started creating the Drupal 7 version; I had all the instructions (under VERSION CONTROL of the project); now I need instructions in order to start with the Drupal 8 of the module.

So, I am looking for GIT instructions.

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    There is no specific git instructions for Drupal 8.... What you should do is to create a 8.x branch.
    – Jimmy Ko
    Nov 25 '16 at 11:12

Drupal.org apparently doesn't give information for Drupal 8, in the Version control tab of projects. I checked for a project with a Drupal 8 version (the Token module), but even selecting a Drupal 8 branch, the information given is for Drupal 7.

That said, there isn't much difference, with Drupal 8. What I report here are the adapted instructions for Drupal 8.

Creating Releases

See the naming conventions for a complete description of how to name branches and tags so you can create releases.

Branch for a dev release

This creates and checks out a new branch in one command, then pushes it to Drupal.org.

git checkout -b 8.x-1.x
git push -u origin 8.x-1.x

Tag for a stable release

git checkout  8.x-1.x
git tag 8.x-1.0
git push origin tag 8.x-1.0

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