I've inherited a site with a subtheme designed on Zen 7x-5.4 to maintain and I'm having a problem with the breadcrumbs. I've checked the append content title to breadcrumb options in Appearance=>Settings however this doesn't seem to have any effect on the breadcrumb trail (i.e. the individual content page titles aren't displayed in the breadcrumb). So, I assume something must be overriding the breadcrumb settings through the UI. I'm not sure what that could be, or where it would be set/configured. I've looked through the template.php, and theme-settings.php files. I have the following options set in the mytheme.info file

settings[zen_breadcrumb]           = yes
settings[zen_breadcrumb_separator] = ' › '
settings[zen_breadcrumb_home]      = 1
settings[zen_breadcrumb_trailing]  = 0
settings[zen_breadcrumb_title]     = 0
settings[zen_skip_link_anchor]     = main-menu
settings[zen_skip_link_text]       = Jump to navigation
settings[zen_html5_respond_meta][] = respond
settings[zen_html5_respond_meta][] = html5
settings[zen_html5_respond_meta][] = meta
settings[zen_rebuild_registry]     = 1
settings[zen_wireframes]           = 0

But changing the breadcrumb trailing or title values to 1, and flushing the theme registry didn't pull anything off.

For further context, I do have one breadcrumb set with the Path Breadcrumbs module. For development purposes I have css aggregation turned off.

So, what is preventing my theme from adding the content title to the breadcrumbs and or how to do find where the conflict is?

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The theme breadcrumbs were being overridden by the Path Breadcrumb module. You can fix this in the Path Breadcrumb settings.

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