I've (programmatically) created a custom module which includes a block with a string wrapped in the $this->t() function. How or where can I extract this translation file?

In Drupal 7 I would extract a translation file of the custom module, but the POTX module is not ported to Drupal 8 yet.

public function build() {
  return array(
    '#markup' => $this->t('How and where can I translate this string?'),
  • @4k4 I don't think that's the answer I'm looking for. The 'Translate Interface' option only allows to export one file with all translations. I'm looking for a way to extract the translations for one specific (custom) module, like in Drupal 7 would be done with POTX.
    – LizZerrG
    Jan 24 '17 at 16:51

Potx is not yet ported to Drupal 8 but it can parse Drupal 8 modules.

You can install it as a drush command instead of a drupal module and then it should work fine on your Drupal 8 module.

What that doesn't support yet is extracing existing translations from a running site. Looks like people are working on a port in https://www.drupal.org/node/2356469 which supports that.

  • Thanks for your reply. The proposed solution (downloading the Drupal 7 module to use the Drush command) didn't work for me, but I did get it to work with the kgaut/drupal-potx module. Doesn't sound like the best solution yet, but at least it works..
    – LizZerrG
    Jan 25 '17 at 9:01

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