I'm trying to add a content type to an existing site. I've added it, panelized it, added fields, and everything seems to be working well. There is a second panelized content type in this site that is being themed from a file titled node--typename.tpl.php and is working correctly.

I attempted to name mine node--my-typename.tpl.php, cleared all caches, but nothing works.

I drush vset theme_debug 1 and checked for tpl suggestions but it doesn't really mention anything pertaining to theming the content type—just panelizer.

Is there a setting I'm missing here? I've combed through both content types and can't see a difference but one allows theming using node-- files and the other doesn't.


I figured out what I was doing wrong.

In my content type, under Panelizer > Full Page Override > Content I had to add "Rendered Node" to the main content area. This allowed me to use the node--my-typename.tpl.php file to theme this panelized content type.

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