I am migrating a D6 site to D7 using migrate_d2d_ui but find that the cck fields for my various content types are not automatically migrated.

I would like to build a csv file containing the D6 cck field structure (name, type, length, #values, help text, etc) so that a csv file can be built for each content type and imported into D7, perhaps using feeds, to build out the full D7 content type and field structure. Hopefully, migrate_d2d-ui can be mapped to bring over the content once the full D7 structure is built out.

I have investigated Features, Views Data Export, Feeds, Content Copy, and Bundle Copy, but have not found a combination that works with both D6 and D7 platforms.

Any suggestions for creating and importing this csv file or do I need to manually recreate each field in D7?


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I gave up on this approach and ended up using the features module because I could not find a complete or workable solution using csv export/import.

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