My page--front.html.twig is working ok. I want to print the block_1 display of the recent_comments view. I tried this but it does not seem to work.

{{ view.comments_recent(block_1) }}

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You can preprocess a new variable and use views_embed_view like:

$variables['my_view'] = views_embed_view('view_id', 'display_id');

So in your case:

$variables['my_view'] = views_embed_view('comments_recent', 'block_1');

And then in the twig file:

{{ my_view }}

See views_embed_view. It can also take arguments.


You want the Twig Tweak module. It provides a function to render a view directly in a twig template without the need for preprocessing.


It also provides a few other functions which might come in handy.

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