using the Link module, i have created a view of content fields:

  • Link
  • Title
  • Body

And i want the Title to be a clickable link to the URL of the Link field. In D7 the links field provided for a replacement pattern for the URL as raw value but in D8 that is not available. How can I make the Title field a clickable link with the Link URL?


The raw replacement pattern isn't available, but you can customize a new hidden field to be the replacement equivalent:

  • Add a new link field
    • Check the Exclude from display, URL only, Show URL as plain text options to have your field be available.
  • Add a new title field
    • Uncheck Link to the Content
    • Use <a href="{{ field_MY_LINK_FIELD }}">{{ title }}</a> in the rewrite options to render title field with a link to your link field URL
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  • Thank you! I missed that URL only checkbox. This works good. – Yuri Mar 30 '19 at 9:12

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