In my custom module (.module) file, I am using:

$current_time = \Drupal::time()->getCurrentTime();

to get the current date... However, the date value is returned in int A Unix timestamp like: 1556582116

I have tried so far something like:

$current_time = \Drupal::time()->getCurrentTime();
$timenow = $current_time->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');


$current_time = \Drupal::time()->getCurrentTime('d');

to get only the day value... but with no success

How can I return the date value in the format of: D/M/Y like: 30/04/2019 or 30/Apr/19


You can do that with simple PHP function. Is there any specific reason you want a drupal function ? If not then you can use PHP's date() function.

$current_time = \Drupal::time()->getCurrentTime();

//To return 30/04/2019
$date_output = date('d/m/Y', $current_time); 

//To return 30/Apr/19
$date_output = date('d/M/y', $current_time); 

You can format current date using the below solutions.

//format date in 30/04/2019

$current_time = \Drupal::time()->getCurrentTime('d');

$date_today = format_date($current_time, 'custom', 'd/m/Y');

//format date in 30/Apr/2019

$current_timestamp = \Drupal::time()->getCurrentTime();

$todays_date = format_date($current_timestamp, 'custom', 'd/M/Y');

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