in admin/config/regional/translate/settings page, i had Check for updates set to never and translation server to Drupal translation server and local files.

i recently updated my site drupal version to 8.6.17.

after check for translation update manually i get a update available for drupal core translation with 2018 date for one of languages and i can't find .po file with this creation date.

my questions are:

  • how drupal check for available translations?

  • is it possible that it suggests translation for a older drupal version?

  • and most important is it safe to delete .po files from translation folder on my site manually and run check again?

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i didn't find answer for none of my questions but at least find a solution:

after testing clear cache without luck i did these steps:

user interface translation->setting->change translation source to 'local file only'->check update translation manually

and old translation suggestion was disappeared.

now with changing translation source to Drupal 'translation server and local files' i get related translation suggestion for my Drupal version.

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