The goal is very straightforward. I need a form to limit each user to 1 submission per day and 3 per week.

What I found:

Webform: The "Form settings" in webform has the "Per user submission limit" setting. It does not allow me to make more than 1 validation. I'm not able to have both per day and per week in the same form.

Entityform: I found people use hook function on node limit on Drupal 8. This may work on Drupal 7 Entityform but I don't know how to write that syntax.

Rule: It may possible to use Rule module but I don't see any connection with period of time validation.

  • If no contrib module provides the functionality you want you probably need to code something yourself. Which makes this a too broad question as it doesn't contain any code or reproducible problem we can fix. Or maybe submit a feature request to Webform. – leymannx Mar 23 at 16:07
  • @leymannx Thanks for your advice. – CocoSkin Mar 24 at 13:09

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