I'm working on D7 Panels and I created few pages using panel. I have a use case to generate the pdf for the data existed in the panel rather than the whole page with header and footer. Are there any recommendations to implement this.


Yes, you can, dowload Printer, email and PDF versions, patch module with Can Panel pages be sent to PDF for rendering?, download wkhtmltopdf libary, place it under /sites/all/libraries, and configure your module like: enter image description here, and inside panels add print PDF widget like:enter image description here, done!.

EDIT: today 7/7/2020 panles 7 had an upgrade, be carefull, i think patch apply to an older version in panels.

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  • Hi @pinueve Thanks for quick response. Patch #39 does not worked with Printer, email and PDF versions module. Can you please let me know the version of the print module which work with #39 patch. I am using print 7.x-2.2 version which patch suites for this. – an__snatcher Jul 9 at 3:42
  • print module: Version: 7.x-2.2 – pinueve Jul 9 at 4:05
  • I am using the same module but its giving me patch error – an__snatcher Jul 9 at 4:11

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