I'm writing a test for something that returns a Url from an entity. This should be language-aware, so the test needs to change the current language.

I started off writing a Kernel test for this, because they're faster, but I can't figure out how to make the test code change the current language:

  public static $modules = [

  protected function setUp() {


    $this->languages['de'] = ConfigurableLanguage::createFromLangcode('de');

    $config = $this->config('language.negotiation');
    $config->set('url.prefixes', [
      'en' => 'en',
      'de' => 'de',

    $this->languageManager = $this->container->get('language_manager');


  public function testCurrentLanguageChange() {
    // Change the site's current language.




In the test code above, both dump() calls output the 'English' language object.

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Looks like I needed to call:


No, wait, that doesn't seem to be the whole story.... ARGH.


For the entity to be treated as translatable and so return the right URL, I also needed to set the bundle as translatable:

      'target_entity_type_id' => 'node',
      'target_bundle' => 'page',
    $this->container->get('content_translation.manager')->setEnabled('node', 'page', TRUE);

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