I am looking for a while to include a search results on a node.

Let me explain:

Administrator side, i wish i could, when i create a node, enter search criteria (eg "home + garden"-cellar), which generates me, when viewing the node, a list of nodes matching these criteria.

It will give : The title of my node, body, and below the result of my research.

I do not know if this is clear, but how could I do that?

I'm using Search API on my site, i should programmatically execute a search in the index from keywords ... but I'm stuck on this point.

Thank you in advance! Joel.

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So, I will create my own module to do that. The module will offer a new field can be created on any type of content, and will accept search criterias, the number to display, and so a search result will appear in the node.


Drupal's core Search module should be enough for what you want to achieve. But in case you need more information about Search in Drupal this article should help you out.

  • Thanks. Yes I will use Drupal's core search module. But at the moment, I can't find how to limit search results when using search_data or search_execute...The limit is ahrd-coded to 10. Is there a way to dynamically change this value ?
    – joelr
    Commented May 4, 2012 at 8:23

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