Is it possible to disable the ampersand encoding when rendering <div {{ attributes }}> in a hook (preferred) or Twig?

Drupal by default escapes ampersands & into &amp;. This usually is a good thing, but I've the edge case where I need to render one-off TailwindCSS class names like [&_.child-of-this-div]:text-red. Looks weird, but is actually a completely valid CSS class name.

But due the ampersand encoding, the rendered output now looks like <div class="[&amp;_.child-of-this-div]:text-red">, which by CSS rules is now a completely different class name, and Tailwind's parser therefore no longer "sees" the real class name [&_.child-of-this-div]:text-red.

Already tried, did not work:

  • Backslash escaping [\&_.child-of-this-div]:text-red (still incorrect output)
  • using CSS symbol encoding [\000026_.child-of-this-div]:text-red (does not work with Tailwind's parser).
  • using the raw filter: {{ attributes|raw }} (still incorrect output)

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The combination of both, |replace and |raw, does remove the encoding.

<div {{ attributes|replace({'&amp;': '&'})|raw }}>

I needed data-attributes to remain untouched, the closest I got so far is

<div class="{{ attributes.class|replace({'&amp;': '&'})|raw }}" {{ attributes|without('class') }}>

but this is tedious and unsafe.

I'm still looking for something that does not use |raw, so I leave the question open.

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