I have two sites site01 and site02 each having some content (book pages) in them. I want to copy the content of site01 to site02 without overwriting its existing content.
I am using Deploy module to do this, by following this procedure.
Everything is OK until I click "Deploy" on site01. When I do I get the following error:snap
I see that someone else got a similar error, but I was not able to understand the solution applied by the person. Does anybody have any clue about this?

I tried same scenario using two different machines in LAN, and it worked fine! I was able to do the deployment smoothly.
But, on same server it is failing. I don't know what may be the reason.


My guess would be that on this step:

For Endpoint URL, enter 'http://your-destination-site.example.com/services/rest'. Click 'Finish'. Note that it appears that any path other than '/services/rest' on either origin or destination generates a Request response error: -1002 missing schema.

Your entering the incorrect url. Make sure you are using clean url's. If not, make sure to include the "?q=" part for the path.


I don't know what is causing the problem when the sites are on local server i.e. http://localhost, but it works as expected if the sites are on different servers (could be in LAN).

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