I need to let contributor either upload video or link to some remote streams (youtube).

For this, I use media (and media_youtube) module.

I works well for remote ressources, however when I try to upload a video instead, the video appears as a link, on the front (though I tried to fumble with the manage display settings for this peculiar field).

I tried to implement jwplayer for the local videos, but it did not work this time. I also had a look at mediafront module, but as far as I know, it does not handle "local" videos (I may be wrong, but it seems overkill).

Have you been facing such a problem before, that is render a consistent display (a player with the same dimensions), regardless of the source (local or remote) ? Can you point me to some resources ?

Thank you.

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Haven't tried it yet, but I believe that is what is good about the mediafront module. It wraps the youtube or local videos in it's own themeable player.

You could also try http://drupal.org/project/mediaelement module, though I'm not sure how well that display's youtube videos.


i had tried many options to deal with video, i believe that video hosting and publishing solution for delivering professional quality video to digital audiences on any device. you can try Brightcove Video Connect. it also has an integration with media module.

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