I have a big view with lots of filters, and Google and friends are killing one of my sites after a cache clear.

How could I add noindex and nofollow metatags in this views' subpages header? I would like to keep the views main page free of these tags. As I understand the Metatag module is not yet up to the task.

Another idea just came to my mind: Adding nofollow to Views sorting links would achieve nearly the same.

I inquired and no such feature will happen in Views http://drupal.org/node/1758354


Altering robots.txt could be an option. For example this would stop google from accessing your pager.

    # Disallow all URL variables except for page
    Disallow: /*?page=*&*
    Disallow: /*?page=0*

More examples on Views and SEO can be found here.

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