Is it possible to render one of Profile2 fields elswhere on the page, in some node ?

I would like to present user with opportunity to edit only one field on custom link or node.


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Retrieve Profile2 Profile Data Programmatically

  • Implement profile2_by_uid_load() to get the data.

    $profile2_data = profile2_by_uid_load($user->uid, 'profile_id');

$profile2_data will be an object containing all the data from profile_id for the requested user.

Retrieve Profile2 Edit Form Programmatically

module_load_include('inc', 'profile2_page', 'profile2_page');
$profile2 = profile2_by_uid_load($user->uid, 'profile_id');   // profile_id = machine name
$entity_form = entity_ui_get_form('profile2', $profile2, 'edit');
return $entity_form;
  • Credit: drupal.stackexchange.com/a/125144/1082 Sep 29, 2015 at 5:48
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    When I did: module_load_include('inc', 'profile2_page', 'profile2_page'); $profile2 = profile2_by_uid_load($user->uid, 'profile_id'); - I got function undefined - even though that module_load_include is meant to bring the function into scope. I used a different function as so: $profile = profile2_load_by_user($user_from_csv->uid, 'main'); which worked on its own (without the module_load_include). This profile2_load_by_user function that I used belongs to the profile2 module rather than the Sep 29, 2015 at 6:03
  • Credit: drupal.stackexchange.com/a/125144/1082 Sep 29, 2015 at 6:04

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