How do I print out the contents of the $node object in a node template in a way that is easily readable. I thought that <?php dpr($node);?> would do it but that doesn't seem to work in my template.


Devel module have a tab that let you see all the options and elements in that node.

It helps you a lot.


Try below code

   print "<pre>";
   print "</pre>";

Alternatively you can use below code too...

  drupal_set_message("<pre>" . print_r($node, 1) . "</pre>");

To print specific fields in the template you can also try following code:

<?php print $node->field_name['und'][0]['value']; ?>

To get the value of the body field of node try following code:

<?php print $node->body['und'][0]['value']; ?>

For more clear understanding: $node->field_name['und'] will be the Array of all the values of particular fields. So you can try and retrieve any field.

You can also use

  print '<pre>;
  print '</pre>';

to see the detailed structure of node, as per suggestion of Anil Sagar.

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