I had a request approach me and am blanking on a smooth way to implement this. We have on content type that on occasion will have a background image in a a div. The image will be a washed out background image behind content. The content authors want to add this page by page using an Image Field.

How would you implement this?

I'm assuming I can do this through our custom theme -- perhaps a theme_preprocess_page() or theme_process_page()?


You could try BackgroundField:

BackgroundField started as an extension of the CCK ImageField that allows a CSS selector and background attributes to be set for a content-type. This is particularly helpful for allowing your node authors to add images to a node that are integrated into the theme of the site. With the inclusion of the Image field in Drupal 7, BackgroundField was rewritten to extend that core functionality.

  • With this module added I removed a gunk load of code from my templete.php file. It looks so nice and clean again. Thank you. Thank you.
    – Rick
    Oct 10 '12 at 15:13

I created a module to do that: Field Group Background Image

The idea is creating a div wrapper (with Field Group), specifying the image field of your content type as the background image.

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