I have a site using Ubercart that shows product summaries on the main page (I believe these are called teasers). Each product has a voting widget provided by Vote Up/Down on its actual node/page. I've copied page.tpl.php to page-front.tpl.php because I want to add a small block or box that shows the number of upvotes on the main page (but not actually allow voting here) and finally sort these teasers by popularity (number of votes).

I can see that print $content is outputting this page's content but I am not sure where this is being generated so I can either hook into it or modify directly. I've coded themes and plugins in Wordpress but I don't know Drupal well enough yet.

Thanks in advance.

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You can find node.tpl.php inside your sites/all/themes/yourtheme folder. $content is generated in that file.

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