I would like to get values of a field from all nodes of a content type. How can I do this? EntityFieldQuery seems to return only node ids, so will I need db_query? Sg similar to this In a custom module how do I get all the nodes of a certain type?

I guess I just need to lookup the table name of the field...


In your case, you can probably simply query the field data table, with a condition on the entity type and bundle.

In any case, something like:

$field_name = 'FIELD_NAME';
$result = db_select("field_data_{$field_name}", 'f')
  ->fields('f', array('entity_id', "{$field_name}_value"))
  ->condition('entity_type', 'node')
  ->condition('bundle', 'article')
  ->condition('deleted', 0)

foreach ($result as $row) {
  // drupal_set_message($row->field_name_value); // example

As an aside you might want to join on the node table to only select published content, but that's the gist of it.

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