Is there a standard, or well accepted, method for allowing page caching when you have multiple versions of page, that don't involve using Page Manager?

For example, if you render out different versions of a page based on IP address, User-Agent, etc., page caching renders the code-based decisions useless, so some users may see the wrong pages.

The only method that I know about involves adding code to settings.php to alter $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to make the code-based decision and then to tack on extra variables, but gets messy.

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$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] is the simplest way. The other option is to modify the key used in the cache. There is a 6.x memcache patch that I've been using http://drupal.org/node/942914

The latest version of http://drupal.org/project/authcache might be able to do it.

  • Thanks for the leads. Do you know if there is a hook when you can still mess with $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']? I haven't been able to fully unravel this yet.
    – mpdonadio
    Jan 16, 2013 at 19:08
  • It needs to happen before hook_boot so there is no "hook" that can be used. Easiest is to include a file in settings.php that will modify $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']. If this is not an option patching your cache backend file is the other option. I've used both methods. $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] works best for simple things like other $_SERVER variables. patching the cache backend works best for things like IP Geo location.
    – mikeytown2
    Jan 16, 2013 at 23:08

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