I'm working on a project where in the past was added a lot of features and was did in a way where right now a lot of them has a lot of circular dependencies and conflicts.

I want to start again, delete all the features, create new ones and avoid to each of them make conflicts with another.

My question is, how i can "remove" the features but not lose the changes to they did it on the project?, in other words how i can move the configuration "in code" into the database? for i able to remove the feature but preserve the configuration in the site?

I'm using Drupal 6

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You can use the Features Tools Module to disable a features module while leaving the functionality that was provided by the feature in place.

Instructions provided by autopoietic here.

  2. backup your feature (files) if you would like to use it again.
  3. Once installed, go to the 'recreate' page for a feature, uncheck all of the features components
  4. In order to save the elements to the DB you need to go to the admin/build/features/unlink page, check the element you need to import and submit.
  5. Now click on the 'Safe autocreate' button to recreate and replace the feature with an empty version.
  6. You can now disable the module without affecting your site configfuration.

These instructions note that "if you are using D6 there is an extra step" which I have added (step 4 above).


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