I have a "person" content type, and then I have a directory of people, which has a "Directory" menu item.

When I view John Doe's page, I would like "John Doe" menu item appear under "Directory", so that the menu looks like this:

> Directory
    - John Doe (selected)

But when I go to Directory page, I would not like John Doe to appear under it, so the menu looks like this:

> Directory (selected)

Is there any way to achieve it, preferably "native" Drupal way?

Thank you in advance!

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I would suggest using the Menu Position module and create a menu position rule specifying that all of your nodes of content-type "person" go under the Directory menu item.

Then you wont need to add all of your person nodes to the menu.


You can edit you menu and disable all of the person menu items under Directory.

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