I've got a view which represents a list of redirects. The view has two fields:

  1. 'Destination'
  2. 'Source'
  3. 'Hash' (an indexed has based on the destination)

I'd like to generate a view which lists destinations along with the number of times a visitor has been redirected to that destination. If I were to write the SQL myself, I'd simply do:

SELECT destination, count(*) as redirects FROM redirects GROUP BY hash

However, no matter what I do I can't get Views to ONLY group by hash. This is what I've done:

  1. Enabled aggregation (Advanced > Aggregation>
  2. Enabled COUNT on the 'source' field.

What happens now is that Views COUNT on the 'source' field, but groups on both the 'destination' AND 'hash' field:

SELECT destination, hash, COUNT(source) FROM redirects GROUP BY destination, hash

How do I get Views to only GROUP BY the 'hash' field?


I am not 100% sure but I would suggest you simply do the following:

  • Choose Format = Table
  • Then click on the settings for Table
  • Change the grouping field to the "hash" field

enter image description here

Then aggregate the results based on the destinations.

However, when you use the redirect module in Drupal 7 there is a field available called "Redirect: Clicks". I wonder if this may help you.

I hope this may helps.

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