Im trying to link each image field of my view to a quicktab that I created. This is my view

you can see the fields of each image

and this is how it looks

enter image description here

As you see I already tried to put the url link and rewrite the stuff, I put content and nothing to the image (the part of the landing), I even tried to put it as an external link, but it never recognize it as a link.

This is the QuickTab


I got it! What I did:

  1. Create 2 different content types for each image.

  2. Then I did add each one as a field.

  3. Then I played with Filter criteria, adding a taxonomy term previously in my content type.

enter image description here

  1. Then I did rewrite the results of each field (each image) to land to the page that I wanted.

  2. Finally I did create the basic pages inserting in each one the Quicktabs that I needed.

And voilá! that was all :D


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