I've installed the Internationalization module in order to make a multilingual site, I've set italian as default language, but there's a problem, the front page is always in english. I've checked the base URL and I've noticed that there's a language prefix, is it possible remove? enter image description here

  • Thanks for your reply neok! I've searched several hours before asking, anyway I've figured out: on Admin > Configuration > Regional and language > Languages, on the Language Switcher tab Content selection mode needs to be checked on "Selected languages from language block." Have a nice day you too!
    – Bonch
    Mar 27, 2014 at 14:35

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Sometimes I think people do not know how to use search in our time. You can find the answer on stackoverflow, similar question has already been asked. Have a nice day.


I think you're mixing a few things here, and I also think that the comment in the question (which should actually have been posted as an answer ...), is only like a partial fix or workaround. What, IMHO; the real issue seems to be here, is that the URL of the homepage has not been defined as a "multilingual" variable, as further explained below.

The relative URL to display as the front page is specified within admin/config/system/site-information . If you want to be able to specify a value for it that is different for each of the site's languages, make sure you have made it a "multilingual" variable (it should say "This is a multilingual variable.") in the description of that variable on that page.

For more details about how to get this done, refer to my answer to How to make content translation available for front page?.

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