I know this is a pretty "broad" issue, but I have several links in the admin interface that are not working correctly. One place in particular is in the Rules section of admin. When I edit a rule and add a new Condition, the "Data Selectors" fieldset text is not clickable (so I cannot expand it to see all of the available data selectors. Also, when I click in the "Data Selector" textbox field, the autocomplete is filled with "<div></div>" html wrappers around the data selectors. The attached screenshot shows both of these issues.

What would cause this? So far I have tried switching to Bartik theme (I use Seven as my default admin theme)... no change. I also updated all modules and updated Drupal core to the most recent version (7.27). My next step will be to disable modules, but I am quite hesitant to do so since I "need" all of the modules that are currently installed. I would appreciate any feedback and ideas on what might be causing this, and how it can be fixed.


enter image description here

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I finally got an error message to work with (TypeError: this.jqObject.data(...) is undefined), which led me to this solution: https://drupal.org/comment/8677587#comment-8677587:

Hi guys, I am pretty new to Drupal and programming in general, so pleas bear with me... I got the data selector working by configuring the jQuery_update module:

Default JQuery Version: 1.7

Alternate JQuery Version: 1.7

JQuery Compression Level: Development (I doubt this should make any differences)

JQuery and JQuery UI CDN : JQuery

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