Is it possible to create rules for sending automated emails within WebForm?

Some of the examples include (all emails are separate):-

  • Send an email to user if he left a field to come back and fill it later.
  • Send an email if he left certain part of the form.
  • Send an email if a field is updated (or not updated).

Many Thanks.


See webform_rules:

Did you ever want to react on webform submission using rules but couldn't find the proper event? Webform Rules makes it possible to catch webform submissions by rules and do whatever you'd like to do with it (meaning: do whatever rules let you do with it).

It should let you perform most of the logic you've outlined here.

  • Thanks but I find it hard to understand that where it's located and how to use it? Any help? – user219492 Jul 15 '14 at 6:53

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