After updating to Webform Version: 7.x-4.5 the email functionality is not working, which I assume it could be due to change in tokens.

I have a Webform as block a which is attached to product content type and want to send the contact form information which is webform to current node author.

I am using [current-page:node:author:mail] token as a hidden field in the webform, which used to work until I update to new version of webform and since then the worbfrom stop sending email to author email.

What I am doing:

In the webofrm I have a hidden field author_mail where the default value is set to [current-page:node:author:mail]

enter image description here

At the Webform email setting I set E-mail to address to Component: Author Mail. enter image description here

Any idea what token to use if not [current-page:node:author:mail]?

Is there any way to send the Webfrom content to current page author email?

Thanks for the help.

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If you want to make token [current-page:node:author:mail] working, you need to apply this Token module patch.


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