I have one massive unmaintainable features module that I want to split up into smaller, manageable features. Can I disable the massive module without it removing or disabling content types and dependencies, as well as strongarm variables?


I came across this solution which suggests using CTools Bulk Exporter to get the features back into the database so they can be re-exported as smaller features.

Think I've found an alternative solution to get your exported objects back into the database so you can safely disable/remove your features.

1) Export everything you want in the database using CTools Bulk Exporter (admin/structure/bulk-export). Put the module it generates into your modules folder (eg. my_exports_module) 2) Disable the features containing the objects you just exported 3) Enable the module CTools Bulk Exporter created for you 4) Download Drush CTools Export Bonus & enable it 5) Run the following drush command: drush cbsa my_exports_module 6) Disable my_exports_module

Tested this with view modes/fields/... created in Display Suite - everything went better than expected :)


Another way would be to create new features while your original feature is enabled.

Create a new feature and under "Advanced options" tick "Allow conflicts to be added". Now all your components, even those added to other features before will be available.

Add feature components even though they are added to other features

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