I have a multilingual site (spanish/english). I created 1 role: translator.

I need the anonymous users to ONLY see the contents in english language and the translator users to see both.

How can I accomplish this?

  • I bet there can be a better solution than: Having a language switch block only visible for users with the role translator and as a second step hooking into node_load procedure and denying access(or redirect to english page) for anonymous users when they try to see a page in spanish. AsI said I believe there might be a better solution. – Potney Switters Nov 11 '14 at 13:32

A way to achieve it can be this. Note I am assuming you are using the standard node-based translations, and not entity-based translations.

Suppose the content is a node-type one and the content-type is called Page_en_es. Give permissions at /admin/people/permissions:

  1. View own unpublished content, Page_en_es: Edit any content etc to translator users
  2. View published content to anonymous users.

Then, whenever a translator edits or creates the Spanish content, s/he will set it (=node) to be not published. And the Spanish version won't be seen by anonymous users.

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