I have 6 fields (in Profile2) I want to combine into an exposed "Global: Combine field filter":

  • Field 1 = text field with 1 value (text)
  • Field 2 = text field with 1 value (text)
  • Field 3 = text field with 1 value (text)
  • Field 4 = text field with 1 value (text)
  • Field 5 = long text field with 1 value (long text)
  • Field 6 = text field set to unlimited number of values (text)

That last one is the problem. I want the user to be able to add several distinct values in this field, and I want to be able to create a combined field text search that includes the text from all of these fields, including all the separate values in Field 6.

If I isolate Field 6 and give it it's own exposed filter search field, it works fine. But if I try to make it one of the combined fields (using the Global: Combine fields filter), searches don't see the various text values in Field 6.

[BTW, I'm using Better Exposed Filters, though I don't think they are in use for the Global: Combine fields filter.]

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You will probably want to add a (7th) Text field filtering on the same data as Field 6 and group it with an OR to Field 6. Then, you can use Field 7 in the Global: Combine fields filter and not have it overwrite the use-supplied values in Field 6.

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