I've downloaded Drupal Commerce and created my 3 products. Everything else I've kept as the default. Then I wanted to created a catalog so users could buy items. Note: I've also installed and input API credentials for Drupal Paypal already. So then I went to create a view of type 'product display' as seen here:


But when I create a new view 'product display' is not one of the 'type' options.

So my question is, how do I get something to show as a product display item? somehow it seems I have to map the products I created to 'content types'...but shouldn't the module already do that?

I looked back through the documentation on that site, and undoubtedly I missed something, but I'm not seeing how this is done.

Note #2: I tried to install commerce kickstart, but I'm using WAMP and couldn't get it to work, so I have to trudge through on my own.

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In the link you reference, when they say "product display", they are speaking of a Content Type (when a content type has a field type of "product reference", the content type then becomes a product display). If you have a content type set up that references products, that is the content type you would choose in "of type" in your view set up.

If you don't have a content type that references products, it's very easy to set up.

  1. Go to Structure > Content Type > Add Content Type > Name it Product Display (or any name) > Select Save and add fields
  2. You will then be able to manage your fields > Add New Field > Name it Product Reference(or anything similar) > Choose field type: Product Reference. > Widget Type: Use any default option or look into inline entity form - You'll find that very useful.
  3. Set up your field how you see fit for referencing products > Save
  4. Go set up your view and you'll then see "Product Display" as an option.

somehow it seems I have to map the products I created to 'content types'...but shouldn't the module already do that?

Yes, it does create a content type for you, but not out of the box. In order for this to happen, you create a brand new Product Variation Type:

Store > Configuration > Product Variation Types > Add Product Variation Type

This is where you choose to have a matching product display type set up automatically. This option sets up a new product variation type and a content type.

Its important to remember: A product display is another name for a content type. It becomes a product display because it references products.


You need to have the Product Reference module enabled and create your Product Display content type manually and add a product reference field to it. Then you can use this content type in Views.

Source: Creating Product Display Content Type


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