I'm having a dickens of a time overriding entity.tpl.php to create custom themes for my entities.

I am using ECK and Inline Entity Form. I've created entity section with bundle masthead. I've linked this to a node.

In a subtheme of the bootstrap theme, I then try to create a custom theme for this entity in a file called entity--section--masthead.tpl.php (note: I've also tried section.tpl.php and section--masthead.tpl.php and all sorts of permutations). Clear Cache. Nothing.

The only documentation is a few years old, and one of the most recent comments says this SHOULD work without the need for various hooks.

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You don't need to add entity string to the template file name. These are theme hook suggestions for entity built with ECK (assuming your entity and bundle names):

  1. section.tpl.php
  2. section--masthead.tpl.php
  3. section--masthead--full.tpl.php
  4. section--[ID].tpl.php

As you can see there is a naming conflict because section is a drupal builtin template. It would be safer to use different name for your entity.

  • I can't figure how I should put a file so-named into my module (not theme) folder... because it is not loaded (it is in the template suggestions, but the entity.tpl is always loaded) Nov 30, 2016 at 18:04
  • This is incorrect. The template names should be delimited with -- and not __. I have suggested an edit. Oct 18, 2017 at 17:28

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