I have installed a solr 5.2.1 in my windows 7 and I have created a solr core through SOLR Admin UI. It works fine. When, I trying to connect to solr by help of search_api_solr module in drupal 7.38 on my local host, The following error is coming.

"The Solr server could not be reached. Further data is therefore unavailable". What I have missed out, Anyone can Please help. Refer the below images.

Search Api Server Edit screen

After edited the server name

  • is this port open? If you connect using telnet, what do you see? Is Solr process working? Can you connect using any client other than Drupal?.. – Mołot Jul 12 '15 at 11:56

Maybe your path for solr is wrong. If you setup solr by drupal instructions then your solr path must be: /solr/drupal

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