Do you know if it's possible to print a taxonomy term field inside a views-view.tpl.php template in Drupal 7?

For example, you would do this:

<?php print render($content['field_example_field']); ?>

in node--content-type.tpl.php.

What would be the equivalent to get a specific taxonomy term field in views-view--name-of-view.tpl.php?

Thanks in advance!

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For this you need to create the Row style output template file for the view.

For ex: views-view-fields--your_view_name--block.tpl.php.

In this file you get the row array and then you can print your field like:


For this you need to do the following;

First: ( on node page )


You can see the list.

Now your can print this as;


And you get the value.


In your views template file just add this line of code;

print render($fields['term_node_tid']->content);

Thanks guys for your responses, but I figured it out. The view I was targeting was a content view not a term view, didn't think it was possible to add a Taxonomy term field. So I thought I could add the term field in a template (hence the question I asked here) but I worked it out in Views instead:

Went to Relationship, added "Content: Taxonomy terms on node". Selected the Vocabularies I wanted to add in relationship. Then went to Fields, "Add" and selected "Taxonomy term: Example Field".

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, hope this helps someone else (spent many countless hours googling this).

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