I would like to know how to change the input format (automatically or by sql ) for all articles in my website, because I migrated from D6 to D8 and I face a nasty bug that requires to edit all my nodes (more than 2000) manually and set either filtered HTML or FULL HTML format to all nodes.


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In node click the (+) and you will see more tables. For example: node__body

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All you gotta do now is export this table as a CSV. Open the file on Microsof Excel. Then CTRL+F click on the replace tab, and replace filter_html with full_html. Save and import back to database, check mark replace data option. Then in Drupal clear the cache.

  • Thanks, it works. What I missed before is clearing the cache. Commented Jan 28, 2016 at 6:43

Thanks to No Sssweat. His answer works. But I prefer to use sql so here it is.

Using Phpmyadmin navigate to node__body table (or just search it) then in SQL tab, write this:

UPDATE `node__body` SET `body_format`='full_html' WHERE `body_format`='full_html1';

Please notice the following:

  • in my case, I use different body format in my website so it is not good to change all body_format to full_html.
  • after the migration I got full_html1, but you may get different body_format.

After execution the SQL command, Clear Drupal cache

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