I would like to search content depending on select menu. Something like the search box here: http://www.doyleia.com/anazitisi-ergasias How can I do that with drupal 8?

  • Please notice that requests for implementing a feature that essentially are I want to do like in this site [link to a site]. are off-topic for us. That is more true if the site is not running Drupal; even if the site would be running Drupal, there would not be much difference. We should try to understand which modules the site is using, and with which settings. – kiamlaluno Mar 9 '16 at 23:49

You can achieve that with filters in Views.

Just create a view, add filters and make them "exposed", so that visitors can choose filters themselves. Filters can be taxonomy terms, list options or open-ended fields (e.g. text field) where users can write what they are searching for.

See the Chosen module for providing a more user-friendly interface for <select> elements that accept multiple choices.


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