I created a custom content type and I want to upload an XML file using the Feeds module. Can somebody explain how to do the mapping correctly? Should I add a new importer or use a node importer?

I want to perform the upload using an XML file. I have unicode characters in my file.

I am not able to convert it to a CSV file. I have tried converting using Open Office but it is not working.

I find using feeds a bit complicated.

Are there other solutions to upload files into database?

Note: When I try to upload to says no new nodes created.

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Using the Forena integration with the Feeds module it is possible to import data blocks.

Data blocks are files that are located in a database repository, which is a (secured) directory on the web server that contains all data block files related to a specific data source. The actual format of these files is dependent on which data provider or driver is being used for the data source:

  • the most common format for these files is SQL, used for all supported data engines (Drupal, Oracle, PDO other than Drupal, Postgres or MSSQL), except for FrxFiles (XML Files).
  • an alternative format for these files is XML.

For an illustration of how it is like to use Forena in combination with Feeds, have a look at the video about How to import data and reports based on data as Drupal nodes.

Disclosure: I'm a co-maintainer of the module.


You need to use Feeds XPath Parser module.

You may need this module if you would like to:

  • Import XML or HTML documents into nodes, users, taxonomy terms, or regular database tables.

  • Scrape webpages like regular feed sources with scheduling, updating, and expiring.

  • Extract content from HTML documents to create a semantic data bank or mashup.

Below links will help you to set up.

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I am able to create new node by creating a csv file using google spreadsheets instead of a xml file.I created a new feed importer and mapped the elements of feed to the appropriate fields.

  • Your question was about how to use Feeds using an XML file as input, not how to convert it to a CSV file ... If that's what you really wanted to ask, then update your question. But if you do that, it will become a question that IMO is "off topic" for this site ... Aug 10, 2016 at 8:31

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