I am creating an XML feed (domain.com/content_type/feed).

I looked into RSS Publishing and have turned it off, but do see where I can generate an XML feed: Home » Administration » Configuration » Web services

Is this the correct way?


You can do it using the Views Data Export module (Most popular)

This module is designed to provide a way to export large amounts of data from views. It provides a display plugin that can rendered progressively in a batch. Style plugins are included that support exporting in the following types:

  • CSV
  • Microsoft XLS (or really simple HTML understood by Excel)
  • Microsoft DOC
  • Basic TXT
  • XML


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Alternatively, you can also do it using the Views Datasource module

Views Datasource is a set of plugins for Drupal Views for rendering content in a number of shareable, reusable formats based on XML, JSON and XHTML. These formats allow content in a Drupal site to be easily used as data sources for Semantic Web clients and web mash-ups. Views Datasource plugins output content from node lists created in the Drupal Views interface in a variety of formats - XML data documents using schemas like OPML and Atom, RDF data documents using a vocabulary like FOAF, JSON data documents in a format like Exhibit JSON, and XHTML data documents using a microformat like hCard.

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