By default, the user form title is the user's username which looks a little ugly if you're using the email registration module. In Drupal 7 I used to solve this problem using the title override module which is not ported do Drupal 8.

I would like to change the user form title to "Login details". Is this possible using a hook? If so: how do I do this?


The title override module utilizes drupal_set_title() to do this in Drupal 7. This function is deprecated in Drupal 8. The D8 equivalent here is to alter the _title_callback for the entity.user.edit_form route.

This is done by using an event subscriber to alter the RoutingEvents::ALTER event. This can be done through a custom module that:

  • Registering a new service class in mymodule.services.yml that is tagged with event_subscriber (see d.o. documentation example).
  • Defining the new service class to extend RouteSubscriberBase (see d.o. documentation example).
  • Implementing the alterRoutes(RouteCollection $collection) method within the service class to alter the entity.user.edit_form route (see example below).
  • A class/method that defines the title callback (see UserController::userTitle() as an example).

Within your route subscriber class:

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function alterRoutes(RouteCollection $collection) {
    // Retrieve the user edit form route.
    if ($route = $collection->get('entity.user.edit_form')) {
      // Your module will need a controller class/method defined in
      // src/Controller/CustomUserController::userTitle
      // see core/modules/user/src/Controller/UserController.php to see how this
      // is implemented by default
  • I've just tested your approach and at this moment it causes me a white screen on the user edit page. – Vic Luijkx Oct 16 '16 at 21:15
  • This is my custom user controller at this moment: namespace Drupal\example\Controller; class CustomUserController extends ControllerBase { public function userTitle() { return array( '#type' => 'markup', '#markup' => t('Login details'), ); } } – Vic Luijkx Oct 16 '16 at 21:21
  • Without any specific error, all I could do is speculate what the problem might be. – Shawn Conn Oct 17 '16 at 0:09
  • Just found the mistake. I forgot adding the ControllerBase, my bad. It works brilliantly now! – Vic Luijkx Oct 17 '16 at 20:10

In drupal 8 you can hide the title block :


for the :

user/* pages 

Then create a block that display what you want for the

user/* pages 


It can also be dynamic if you create a view block with a contextual view displaying other user fields.


This doesnt allow dynamic information e.g. node title, node type - unless you use global functions for pulling the node from the url rather than as a parameter.

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