D7 question. I need to have a "clients" taxonomy with an image extra field on each term (the client's logo). Then I have a "project" content type. Projects belong to specific clients, ie the project content type has a term reference field to the client taxonomy.

When I click on a "project", I want to see the clients logo and not (only) the term name. This seems possible by following these instructions http://drupal.org/node/1224916, but this article is misleading: it suggests having an entity-reference field on the project content type instead of a term-reference. The problem with that approach is that when you connect a term and content by an entitity field, these two are not connected as far as taxonomy is concerned. So you lose all taxonomy functionality.

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I beleive you can achieve this with the normal "Term reference" field, and a custom template file: field--field_my_custom_field.tpl.php in your theme folder which renders the image. You can access the value of your custom field through $items[$key]['#options']['entity']->field_my_custom_field where $key is the array index (if you have more than 1 value for this field, first item is index 0, second is 1 etc, usually you should just loop through the $items like foreach($items as $item) and then you can do $item['#options']['entity']->field_my_custom_field)

You may need to have a field.tpl.php (copy from root/modules/field/theme then duplicate it and rename the duplicate into field--field_my_custom_field.tpl.php) in your theme folder in order for it to work (or templates folder inside your theme folder, basically same folder as your custom field--field_my_custom_field.tpl.php) (Not 100% sure, but this was the case in Drupal 6)

API documentation for field.tpl.php

This may also come in handy: taxonomy-term.tpl.php

Sorry for unsure answer with a lot of unknowns, just trying to help :)

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