I created a view which has set up "Exposed items per page options." I used "24,48,72" as my options. Here is my view "Exposed setting":enter image description here When I choose "items per page" as 72, the url of that page will change to "https://www.domain.com?items_per_page=72". Here is a test page screenshot: enter image description here

My question is how can I add the number to "title" tag in order to distinguish "title" for SEO. There are some websites suggest to used [current-page:page-number] token, but this is not working in my case. Does anyone have any idea?

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I got a solution. Just add the following code in template.php file.

function yourtheme_preprocess_html(&$vars){
    // add pager number to title.
        $vars['head_title'] .= $items_per_page;

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